lundi 2 novembre 2009

Beauty Raves and Roars

RAVES (Yay!)

1. Maybelline Full n Soft mascara - had this one knocking round in my collection for ages, but I've come to reaslise that after Lancome, it's probably my favourite. It gives me thick lashes.

2. Barry M lipgloss in no.2. I know, I know - I'm a lipgloss hater, but yet again I decided to try another...and this might be the one that sucks me in. Gorgeous natural colour.

3. Aveda Replenishing body lotion. Bought this last year and I thought I had a mild reaction to it so put it to one side, but recently I've given it another go, and I kind of like it. It's doing a good job until I buy more Nuxe. Which leads me on to...

4. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. Best dry oil ever. I've used this for years and years and I love it - it has a very distinctive smell which lingers which I think you either love or hate but I love it. Moisturises my skin beautifully. They say it can be used on the face and hair too, but I've never dared.

ROARS (Boo hiss!)

1. L'Oreal Telescopic - big disappointment for me. I know I'm probably on my own here, but I hated what it did to my lashes - big spider-y clumps, which isn't a look I like.

2. That nasty nasty 2True Plumptious Lipgloss I bought - you very much get what you pay for - nasty gunky sticky colourless.

3. Sure Crystal deodorant ok, this isn't beauty, but seriously, if your USP is that it doesn't leave white marks....then make sure it doesn't!

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh you're so funny!! Glad you managed to do a raves/roars (!!) list like you said you would! I love Full n Soft, it really does what it promises...haven't used it in ages but it's one of those few mascaras that I would definitely repurchase. And I'll have to get a Nuxe Oil sooner or later, I've been meaning to but honestly, you should see my bathroom, I really must go through some of my stash before I buy any new products (clearly delusional here, I know.......). Have a great week!! xx

  2. I'll have to try Full n Soft one day! Great list :) xxx

  3. Raves and Roars is a much more interesting headline than Ins and Outs (which I just did - LOL). I have always wanted to try Maybelline Full & Soft.

    Have added it to my list of 'to buys'.

  4. haha "roar" - yes that is my reaction too when I hate a product! Aaaarghhhhh!!! In and Out doesn't capture that, does it?

    I will have to check these Barry M glosses you speak of, I am not a gloss fan either so I trust you... Thanks! xx