vendredi 6 novembre 2009

What a revelation!

Confession - I sneered at skinny jeans when they first arrived on the scene. I just thought they made your legs look stumpy, they weren't elegant and I did not get it. (I am a self-confessed fashion fuddy duddy).

I finally realised I was the last girl in town clinging onto bootlegs (or so it felt) and I trotted to good old New Look to try on some black skinnies.

What do you know? They are SO flattering, it's insane. I hold my hands up and freely admit - I was wrong! Skinny jeans - I love you deeply - you make me look so tall and slim, and I don't know why I ignored you for so long!

I've always found New Look's shoes to be great - a surprising number of them are leather, or at least leather lined, and the prices are very reasonable. Let's face it - flats aren't going anywhere and New Look always has an amazing selection, from quilted to sequined to pleated to be-jewelled.....
Picked up this cute little quilted pair with patent toes and trim

And I'm deeply in love. They're also sturdy enough to stand up to a bit of bog standard english rain (I don't think they'd survive a proper downpour, but on a miserable evening like this, they did just fine).

Have you found any good bargains recently?

6 commentaires:

  1. I was exactly the same in regards to skinnies... I sneered at my sister's jeans for a good two years before I succumbed! I live in them now!

    I love cute flats. I own far, far too many.

    Hmmm... I have a real urge to go shopping now!

  2. Hmm, I'm jealous, I still don't get skinny jeans! I mean sure, they do look good on most gals, but on me... they make my thighs look huge and calves skinny. But maybe one day... the flats you picked are so beautiful though! xxx

  3. I was the same, when they first came out I hated them, but fell in love with straight legged ones but after seeing all the gorgeous outfits with skinny jeans I tried a pair on and now can't imagine not wearing them x

  4. I also got my first pair of skinny jeans this year...I kept seeing all these (young) girls about with these things on and I would always think "Never in a million years! I cold never abandon my trusted bootlegs for something as unflattering as that!". Nonetheless, I did think these (young) girls looked (usually) pretty good in them...and so I gave in, and I must say they do exactly what you said! I may not be overly happy about my thighs, but I at least I look a tad taller...than a tadpole (I'm vertically challenged!)!!! And I love your Chanel.esque flats! V. stilish! xx

  5. I can't believe I wrote stylish with an "i"...blame it on the fact that it's 12.20 am here! xx

  6. ha ha Anna - I'm imagining stilish as stylish with an italian accent!

    Rocaille - I CAN'T believe they would make you like bad - you look so tall and slim in photos!