samedi 24 juillet 2010

A few things I'm loving right now

Nails Inc

As I think I said before, the naff packaging always put me off before, but it turns out they're rather great. I also love the way they name their shades after London streets. Latest addition - Warwick Avenue (and for the americans out there...that's 'warrick' if you're in London!)

Here's a rather slapdash application of 2 coats:


I bought a bunch the other day which looked and smelled beautiful. Now it's shedding vigourously so I've taken all the little dried buds off and am going to make some little pouches filled with them for drawers. It just smells gorgeous

Bourjois liquid gold eyeshadow

I received this in a swap with a friend - not sure if I'd have ever bothered buying it, but it's turned out to be a winner. I've run out of eyeshadow primer and every Boots I visit is out of stock so I gave this a whirl. It's received bad write-ups I notice but I find a few dabs on the eyelid, then you work quickly and add a beautiful subtle sheen. It also stopped the shadow I then put in my crease from creasing (!) at all - all day long.


Well - living in central London you can't hope for much garden unless you're loaded but this summer I planted up the long neglected window boxes for the first time and they're now flowering beautifully. Look at my geraniums!

I feel like a proud parent! Just wait until we move further out and I get my hands on a whole garden! They're just beautiful.