vendredi 25 juin 2010

Things I'm loving right now


I was a lover of Laduree even before they hit the big time in England and became fashionable, and there's very little I wouldn't do for a salt caramel or blackcurrant violet piece of heaven from them, but while at the Taste of London festival this year I discovered someone else who makes them - a company called Bougie. Macarons - delicious, packaging - gorgeous.


My two favourite flowering things in the whole world are peonies and cow parsley. Not that they really go together, but there you go. Anyway - I finally got round to buying some the other day and am loving watching the slow unfolding of them. Mother Nature really was on top form the day she made them

New shoes

Who'd have thought M & S could churn out such a beautiful, fashionable and comfortable pair of shoes? Never overlook the old favourites - they actually have a good selection in there at the moment. There was a beautiful pair, similar to these but even higher heels. Again they were wonderfully comfortable but I was getting to be "transvestite tall" in them and I don't want to tower over every man in the room. So, this pair I'm very pleased with

How cute?


This glorious weather is making me very happy indeed. The thing about living in a country with such unpredictable weather is that we're thrilled when the sun comes out for two consecutive days in summer. More please!

The lovely weather also means I'm currently walking 8 miles a day (the journey from home to work is 4 miles - I google mapped it!) which has to be a good thing and means I avoid the sweaty grimness that is the tube. Mr C has downloaded a cool app to his iPhone meaning I'm always trying to take arty photos - here's a lovely one from our walk in yesterday morning. Times like this I realise how much I love London.