vendredi 27 novembre 2009

5 things making me smile right now

1. Christmas lights!

I wish this crappy photo taken with my blackberry did justice to just how pretty the lights in Sloane Square are. And the lights on my walk home from work are finally switched on - it really does make me smile to see them. Photo coming soon...

2. Guava juice. I love love love it, and could drink it all day.

3. Steel Her Heart nails by Revlon. Finally someone has learnt how to do shiny shiny nail polish. I love this pewter colour (just wish they did a pure silver coloured one that was as thick and glossy)

4. My phone. Went we temporarily moved overseas I went onto a pay as you go mobile phone to keep my number and I've only just got round to going back on a contract, and I love now having endless minutes so I can gab on the phone however long I want, whenever I want. My folks are used to the daily phonecall as I walk home in the evenings.

5. The crisp sunny weather. It should be cold this time of year, and I'm glad it finally is. Dust off the gloves and hats!

Happy weekend everyone

5 commentaires:

  1. Ooooh what a fabulous manicure you have there! It matches mine!


  2. Your nails are lovely - the pewter colour is beautiful and I think it's perfect for the time of year. I must check out the Sloane Square lights , it looks all sparkly and wintery and fun!

  3. Oh! I adore christmas lights! i cant wait! xx

  4. I actually really like the photo you took, I can totally feel the atmosphere :) xxx

  5. @loveaudrey - I'm eternally grateful to you for introducing me to this colour

    Glad you like the photo really is even prettier in real life.