samedi 31 octobre 2009

Barry M lip loving

There's a lovely big Superdrug near work so I popped in at lunchtime yesterday and picked up these two. They were £4.19 each so pretty affordable and despite being cheap, the packaging is great (Rimmel, No 17 - take note!)

Lipstick no. 146 - Dolly Pink, and lip gloss in no. 2 - Toffee

They're the first Barry M lip products I've tried, and overall I'm impressed. The consistency of the lipstick is lovely - I have the say the colour is BRIGHT..I'm not entirely sure how often I'll find myself reaching for this one, but nevertheless it's a fun addition.

You may already have noted my deep hatred for lip gloss but I'm determined to find one I like. This one falls very much into that 'my lips but better' category - and the effect is pretty. It's not as sticky as some, which I like. The overpowering toffee smell is a little off putting as I'm not sure I like feeling as though I'm smearing toffee sauce on my lips!

So, I'm going to try some more soon I think - which Barry M lip paints and glosses do you have? And do you like them?

2 commentaires:

  1. The lipstick is a gorgeous color :) Usually I'm also not a big fan of lipgloss, especially if there's any glitter in it, as the ones I have tend to go gooey. But the shade of this one is really pretty... xxx

  2. I have that exact one! I also have 146 which is a darker pink and a lilac one :)