mardi 23 février 2010

Brrrrr (still)

For for being lax on the blogging front - I'm pleading little the 'fingers of ice' defence.

We're still without heating or hot water, 7 days after the boiler broke, so it's all I can do not to fill a hot water bottle and dive under the duvet as soon as I get home. The end is hopefully in sight though, and I am crossing fingers that regular service will be resumed by the end of the week. All very dull I know, but it's all I can talk about at the moment.

I'm considering subscribing to Tatler as they're offering a free gift of Darphin Stimulskin Plus Firming Smoothing cream with the subscription - which seems like an amazing deal.

The blurb sounds amazing (of course) - and the MUA reviews are pretty glowing. Has anyone tried it? Or any other Darphin products? I'd love to know your thoughts.

mercredi 17 février 2010

Yummy nails

Slipped into Superdrug on the way home this evening to pick up the GOSH primer. I've debated buying this for a while. Anyone who reads me regularly knows I have foundation issues, and I feel it could perform better so I though it worth giving a primer a go, having never tried using one before.

Of course on my way to the till, two more items miraculously hopped into my hand

Can you argue with earrings that are less than a quid? I don't think so. And I've been wanting an orange nail polish for a while - behold Rimmel's Orange Bliss!

I'm sure over the years various people have tried tinkering with the brush in nail polish bottles but I've never found they're much cop. This one however, the 'new maxi brush' is really great

Flat and wide and tapered nicely at the end so it fits your nail. I think I even do a good job several G+Ts down the road with this brush. And look at that colour - orange bliss? Tangerine Dream, surely!

I need these treats to take my mind off the fact we have no heating or hot water at home. Apparently, a new boiler could be quite a few days away yet, so I best put another jumper on and fill the hot water bottle. Brrrrr!

EDIT: I now have a stiff Martini, a bobble hat, and a hot water bottle. I shall survive until the mister gets home!

mardi 16 février 2010

City or Country?

I love living in London, I really do, but I find I feel intensely claustrophobic when I get back to town after visiting my folks, who live in deepest darkest countryside.

I miss the space, the silence and the earthy smell of growing things everywhere.

It takes me an age to put my hard shell back on adjust to the jostling and the bustle. I suspect I'll always remain a country girl at heart.

Besides, where else do you get to wrestle over the morning paper with a handsome cat?

Still - for now - London isn't half bad as an alternative.

How about you - town or country?

Homemade cards

I spent some of yesterday with a cutting mat, a craft knife and huge concentration getting Mr C's valentine's card ready (we're celebrating - in the loosest sense of the word - tonight)

So thanks to Martha Stewart (can't find the exact link) and my dad's art supplies I have a card to hand over:

Not perfect by any means, but homemade.

How was your valentine's day?

mercredi 10 février 2010

News of the World + Barry M

I'll admit, I like a bit of salacious gossip with my breakfast on a Sunday so I'm a regular buyer of the News of the World (or News of the Screws as it's also sometimes known - which gives you an idea of the sort of paper it is if you're not from the UK).

I really like their little magazine "Fabulous"; it always has nice cheap and cheerful fashion and makeup ideas, and in line with this they've had an offer on for the past month to collect a token each week and after four weeks collect a Barry M special collection from Superdrug.


Worth £20 apparently, but free with 4 tokens!

A pillar box red nail polish, one quick coat rather haphazardly applied:

A black eyeliner, a charcoal eyeshadow, and a Glossy Tube lip gloss

The eyeshadow has a slight silvery sheen, and the lip gloss is a very pigmented nude - miraculously not sticky at all either - which is a revelation!

So, all in all - not a bad haul. I think I've been pleased with everything I've ever tried from Barry M, and it's funny to think about the (well deserved) love and recognition the brand is now getting after languishing on the outskirts for so long.

dimanche 7 février 2010

No. 17 - you've surprised me!

I don't usually take much notice of No.17 makeup, but Friday I took refuge in Boots while in an insanely crowded Euston station. I noticed some solo eyeshadows on special offer. At £3.49 each they're hardly expensive full price, but they're currently £6 for two.

I quickly swatched a few and grabbed two me (ie neutral) shades. I've been very pleasantly surprised by these. It's a small thing, but I love the way they finish these - like a fan of pleated fabric - so beautiful

L-R: Statuesque, Mardi Gras

Statuesque is a peachy gold colour, and Mardi Gras is...well - Satin Taupe, but cheaper - a nice walnut brown.

I can't believe how pigmented they are, and how soft and creamy in texture. I don't know whether I got lucky with these two shades, or whether the rest are equally good but I urge you to check them out for a cheap treat.

L-R MAC's Satin Taupe, 17's Mardi Gras and Statuesque

These are just one swipe, no primer or anything - look how strong the colour is. And look how much more pigmented than MAC's Satin Taupe.


Have you found any gems in the no 17 range?

mardi 2 février 2010


Everything and everyone is irritating me for some reason.

1. I need a haircut and I HATE getting my haircut. I've had maybe 3 haircuts in my life that have made me beam - the best I hope for is generally that I don't hate it and have murderous feelings towards the stylist. Seriously - I'm hard to please. I hate booking them, I hate having to spend the time on it and I hate having to spend the money on something 'ok'. That said, I'm looking like a scruff and even a bland trim will probably perk up my hair (and me).

2. Chivalry. Or lack of. Finding this is men in England is rare - especially men under 40. I'm not sure how far back you have to go to reach a time where they would help you with a heavy suitcase up some stairs, hold a door open for you, step back to let you get on the tube first etc. When you do come across this, it's wonderful. Mostly though the men in London just push you aside and trample over you.

3. The cold and the rain. I'm now bored of wearing my warm coats and boots/Converse and would like to get back into jackets and flats please.

4. The tube in rush hour. Nuff said.

5. Having to deal with estate agents. Every time I have to do so, I wonder why I didn't become one as I have yet to encounter one (and before you shout at me, yes I'm sure they do exist but I just haven't met one yet) who isn't idle, inefficient and economical with the truth.

Aren't I an ungrateful wretch today? There must be something in the air. What's irritating you?

On the upside, there are a great many things I am grateful for - regular paycheck, a prince of a boyfriend, red wine, wonderful family, cupcakes, fresh flowers, scented candles, beautiful handbags and Glee.