mercredi 25 novembre 2009


No blogging of late, as every spare second I've had recently has been spent trying to finish my 3 year old godson's Christmas present which I need to have finished by this weekend when I'm seeing him.

It's a quilt. My sewing machine packed up on me and so I've had to do the whole thing old hand. I really love sewing by hand, but it does mean you need longer to get things finished if you're not going to let a machine speed things up.

I'll tell you a secret - I already made another one, almost entirely composed of fabric from Mr C's old shirts. And then I looked at it, and I realised way deep down, in a secret place, I wanted to keep it, in case I one day have a son to give it to.
But shhh - that's just between you and me ok? We don't want to go scaring Mr C.

So, this is round two - patchwork of a little Cath Kidston, some scraps (again from old shirts) and some new cotton on one side, and gingham on the back. It has a very loose western/cowboy theme (or that was the intention at least)

I'm nearly thereI only have 3 more evenings to finish it - panic!

6 commentaires:

  1. That's absolutely beautiful. I love hand-sewn items, there's something so special about the time and love that goes into them.

  2. Amaaaaazing! What a lucky godson! And I completely understand you saving the other one. In a weird way I'm holding on to certain things for specific friends and relatives who aren't even close to having their own children!

  3. Thank you ladies! I'm hoping the love that's gone into it will make up for it's (many) little imperfections! It's so lovely to sew after a day staring at a computer too.

  4. ooooohhhhh how perfect!! It will be so cozy for him. I also love that you secretly already have one made for a maybe-future-possible-son of your own. Adorable.

  5. It looks amazing and i'd never have the patience to do all of those little stitches by hand!

  6. That is so gorgeous! What a great present! I totally dig the cowboy print, I really want to make myself a bag from it. And hand quilting - go you! I love the idea of the shirt quilt, too :)