mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Good old Sleek

A quick dive into Superdrug on the way home is very hard to resist on a gloomy evening after a hard day at work.....the result? Some Sleek treats:

I've read a lot of people talking about these relatively new Pout Polishes - they're around the £4 mark I think and come in 4 colours. I got Electro Peach

Though it looks very orangey in the pot, it just comes out pretty red. It's a lot more pigmented than you might think, so I'd advise applying it carefully (if you slap it on like a lip balm without using a mirror, you risk looking like a kid who's eaten too many strawberries!). It has a slightly grainy texture to it but it's not unpleasant. It smells just like creme caramel - a mixture of vanilla and caramel.

Though the shallow wide pot is quite attractive I find it not the most hygienic way of having lipgloss as whenever you take the lid off, you have this huge sticky expanse of lipgloss just waiting for dust/fluff/dirt to land on it.

As I was saying to Anna after her brilliant post on all things concealer, I've been looking for a new one, and I thought why not give the Sleek one a go - again, it's nice and cheap - I think around the £2-4 mark (I must keep note!)

Anyway, I like it. Seems to do a good job evening out redness and also concealing shadows. I'll report back if my opinion changes after more extended use!

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  1. Oops! Not sure if I sent you the first part of my comment! I touched something by mistake and it disappeared in the dark realms of the WWW! Ok, to recap (in case it really did get lost) thank you for the lovely mention! I also mentioned that I've bought a new concealer since my post (another Italian one!) and...I was already thinking about checking out the Sleek Polishes...what do you say? Barry M lipgloss? Sleek Polish? I bet I know the answer!! Is it cold in London at the mo? Rainy? Just so I know what to pack!! xx

  2. Oo I'm coming over to Chez Anna to answer!

  3. I want a pout polish it looks so pretty!

  4. Get yourself one asap Superficialgirl - at that price it's worth experimenting!

  5. I wish we had Sleek in my country!

    Anyways check out my blog too if you want :)