mardi 2 février 2010


Everything and everyone is irritating me for some reason.

1. I need a haircut and I HATE getting my haircut. I've had maybe 3 haircuts in my life that have made me beam - the best I hope for is generally that I don't hate it and have murderous feelings towards the stylist. Seriously - I'm hard to please. I hate booking them, I hate having to spend the time on it and I hate having to spend the money on something 'ok'. That said, I'm looking like a scruff and even a bland trim will probably perk up my hair (and me).

2. Chivalry. Or lack of. Finding this is men in England is rare - especially men under 40. I'm not sure how far back you have to go to reach a time where they would help you with a heavy suitcase up some stairs, hold a door open for you, step back to let you get on the tube first etc. When you do come across this, it's wonderful. Mostly though the men in London just push you aside and trample over you.

3. The cold and the rain. I'm now bored of wearing my warm coats and boots/Converse and would like to get back into jackets and flats please.

4. The tube in rush hour. Nuff said.

5. Having to deal with estate agents. Every time I have to do so, I wonder why I didn't become one as I have yet to encounter one (and before you shout at me, yes I'm sure they do exist but I just haven't met one yet) who isn't idle, inefficient and economical with the truth.

Aren't I an ungrateful wretch today? There must be something in the air. What's irritating you?

On the upside, there are a great many things I am grateful for - regular paycheck, a prince of a boyfriend, red wine, wonderful family, cupcakes, fresh flowers, scented candles, beautiful handbags and Glee.


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  1. Oh, Glee! I have to say my cousin really irritated me today saying she's too busy to meet after she got in touch with me in the first place! Ugh... xxx

  2. I'm having a crappy day too, so happy to read a piece on "grumble". My gym have told me the contract is now up by £120 since last yr, that's insane right?! What is it about being ripped off at every opportunity? it gets so tiresome doesn't it. xx

  3. Oh im so grateful for beautiful handbags too!
    I hope you feel better soon hun xx

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  5. Hope you feel better soon... lovely blog :) Mon Mode Blog