mercredi 10 février 2010

News of the World + Barry M

I'll admit, I like a bit of salacious gossip with my breakfast on a Sunday so I'm a regular buyer of the News of the World (or News of the Screws as it's also sometimes known - which gives you an idea of the sort of paper it is if you're not from the UK).

I really like their little magazine "Fabulous"; it always has nice cheap and cheerful fashion and makeup ideas, and in line with this they've had an offer on for the past month to collect a token each week and after four weeks collect a Barry M special collection from Superdrug.


Worth £20 apparently, but free with 4 tokens!

A pillar box red nail polish, one quick coat rather haphazardly applied:

A black eyeliner, a charcoal eyeshadow, and a Glossy Tube lip gloss

The eyeshadow has a slight silvery sheen, and the lip gloss is a very pigmented nude - miraculously not sticky at all either - which is a revelation!

So, all in all - not a bad haul. I think I've been pleased with everything I've ever tried from Barry M, and it's funny to think about the (well deserved) love and recognition the brand is now getting after languishing on the outskirts for so long.

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