dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Anthropologie - you're expensive, but I do love you

I paid my first visit to the the first London branch of Anthropologie yesterday. I was a regular visitor when we lived in New York - often just to ogle and admire so I'm thrilled it's reached the UK.

Less impressive though, are the prices. Though they sell lovely stuff, I think a lot of what they sell is over-priced, and if you then translate those prices into £, and jack them up a bit because it's London, then a lot of it is very expensive.

Plain cotton cushion - £65?! And that's the cheapest..most cushions are nudging three figures, or well over. It's quite an inspiration to get the sewing machine out.

Despite all my griping, there is some really lovely stuff there. We picked up some wine tumblers. My french penfriend's family always used small chunky tumblers for wine, except on special occasions. I don't know if it's a particularly French thing, or just a them thing but I like it and I've been searching for ages for some I like. Et voila!

and in daylight:

£6 each for pressed glass. I bit my tongue and coughed up because I love them.

The shop is a joy to wander round - spread over three floors (and two mezzanine levels) with one a 'living wall' made up of various grasses and plants. And the staff seem to be friendly and knowledgeable.

The branch on Kings Road is due to open in about 7 weeks and will be more focused on purely homewares they told me. I can't wait as it's much closer than Regent St.

I'm considering gradually replacing all our crockery which is super cheap stuff and not particularly special.

I'm in love with this dinner service. Simple, a little French and antique looking:

And wouldn't having your Coco Pops from a bowl like this brighten up your morning?

The main reason for going there was to buy my brother this birthday present...

"covered with vintage French book pages", don't you love it? Alas, none in the shop - gutted!

4 commentaires:

  1. I love the wines glasses, green glass looks just spectacular :) xxx

  2. I think you should buy an extra bowl for when I come over for soup ;) !!! Well, we use tumblers for wine in Italy too, at home, especially for Chianti, and these are so pretty...! The rhino...are u serious or are you just pulling our leg?? xx

  3. @Rocaille - thank you!

    @Anna - yes, our soup date - I must have beautiful bowls for that! Wine in tumblers just looks lovely - so I'm being Italian, without even realising it. I am serious about the rhino - my brother loves random weird pressies..I'm going to have to think of something else though.

  4. I LOVE this store!!! I want everything, all of it, I lust over their items. But like you said, soooo pricey. Big fan of the rhino head too :^)