mercredi 17 février 2010

Yummy nails

Slipped into Superdrug on the way home this evening to pick up the GOSH primer. I've debated buying this for a while. Anyone who reads me regularly knows I have foundation issues, and I feel it could perform better so I though it worth giving a primer a go, having never tried using one before.

Of course on my way to the till, two more items miraculously hopped into my hand

Can you argue with earrings that are less than a quid? I don't think so. And I've been wanting an orange nail polish for a while - behold Rimmel's Orange Bliss!

I'm sure over the years various people have tried tinkering with the brush in nail polish bottles but I've never found they're much cop. This one however, the 'new maxi brush' is really great

Flat and wide and tapered nicely at the end so it fits your nail. I think I even do a good job several G+Ts down the road with this brush. And look at that colour - orange bliss? Tangerine Dream, surely!

I need these treats to take my mind off the fact we have no heating or hot water at home. Apparently, a new boiler could be quite a few days away yet, so I best put another jumper on and fill the hot water bottle. Brrrrr!

EDIT: I now have a stiff Martini, a bobble hat, and a hot water bottle. I shall survive until the mister gets home!

5 commentaires:

  1. Lovely colour and you have stunning hands/nails! Does that sound weird? I mean you could be one of those hand models!


  2. You're so kind - I am obssessive about moisturising them and hopefully it's keeping them young! You know, I always had a secret dream that I could be a hand model one day (!) I thought it sounded like a great job.

  3. ohhh i love the color!

    And thank you very much for the comment! why can't we all just agree to disagree/have our own opinions! :-)

  4. You really do have gorgeous nails, the perfect oval shape!
    Gosh, you know winters coming to an end when you crack out the orange nail varnish! It's gorgeous.
    I'm sorry you have no heating!!
    Perhaps you could boil some water onm the stove and make hot water bottles? and cuddle up to the mister!! xx

  5. I love that color! orange is so positive :))

    Watching the waves