mardi 16 février 2010

City or Country?

I love living in London, I really do, but I find I feel intensely claustrophobic when I get back to town after visiting my folks, who live in deepest darkest countryside.

I miss the space, the silence and the earthy smell of growing things everywhere.

It takes me an age to put my hard shell back on adjust to the jostling and the bustle. I suspect I'll always remain a country girl at heart.

Besides, where else do you get to wrestle over the morning paper with a handsome cat?

Still - for now - London isn't half bad as an alternative.

How about you - town or country?

3 commentaires:

  1. London is wonderful, but I think I'll end up in the country one day.

  2. I think you know where I satnd on this one!! City girl, and a London girl at that. I was longing for London yesterday actually and had a deep conversation with my boyfriend about the fact I know I can't live here in Devon forever.


  3. @Becky - you and me both I hope!

    @LA - do you think we could get our boys to agree to a swap?! Joking apart..hope you make it back to the big smoke one day.