mardi 2 juin 2009


There was a wondeful little series of articles in the Times online called Meet The Food Bloggers, which I was reading avidly the other day. Among them was Orangette whose blog I've stumbled across before and enjoyed reading very much. The article asks all the bloggers a few questions about what their readers like and dislike, what type of articles garner the most comments and what other blogs they read.

She mentions how her husband's chickpea salad which she posted a few years ago has been one of the most simple, but most loved recipes she's posted.

So - high time I gave it a try. It is indeed somehow (magically?) greater than the sum of its parts and more delicious than you could even hope. And so simple even an idiot could throw it together. Whether you're and expert or an idiot in the kitchen, I recommend you try this. It's perfect for summer.

You will need:
a tin of chickpeas
olive oil
salt (must buy some Maldon..)
parmesan (or if you're me, substitute grana padano)
lemon (missing from picture - where did it wander off to?)
and I added some pepper because I add it to almost everything.

Check Orangette's blog for exact measurements but basically you just throw it all together and are rewarded with a bowl of deliciousness.

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