mercredi 10 juin 2009

A life without power

We were without electricity for two entire days recently. While this made me furious (I don't even want to get in to the 'work ethic' of the hilariously named emergency engineers who eventually turned up Monday morning and who interupted their playing with their mobile phones, smoking cigarettes and chit chat with the occasional bit of work) it also was an interesting little experiment in doing without.

No cooked meals, very brief very cold showers, going for a walk in the dusk and playing backgammon in the fading light while drinking red wine (instead of watching rubbish on TV) made for unusual activities, but some of them I think we should do more often. There was something quite nice at going to bed when the sun finally did set - I suppose it's the way we ought to be operating.

And......the power cut defrosted my freezer for me rather nicely and efficiently - a job I'd been dreading for weeks!

5 commentaires:

  1. oh no! I guess sometimes those set backs are a good reminder of how we lived before electronics took over our life!! the wine and games sounds fun though!

  2. The defrosted freezer almost sound worth it to be power less. Even though an electronicless life would be more simple I would probably cry. Every day.

  3. awww that must have been a trouble!
    but fun at the same time...
    it happens with me too, me and my sister are hooked to the net and tele 24/7 but when there's a power cut, all the family instead sit and chat and try unusual stuff like taking pictures in the dark lol (my sister loves that hehe)

    it is such a change from this hitech life!


  4. Power cuts happen very often at my parents' house. I remember a complete blackout once when mum and dad were on holiday and me with my boyfriend guarded the house. It was in the summer, so after dark the house was lit with candles and moonlight, and there were so many flowery, summery scents flowing in through the open windows. In fact, I loved it :) xxx

  5. Oh man. I can relate. Last year our power was out for 3 days in the summer. It was very strange, eery, but humbling as well.