mardi 23 juin 2009

This and that

I've been so busy with work I've been wickedly neglectful of this blog recently. Being back hard at work, nose to the grindstone is taking some getting used to be as my work has been sporadic recently.

Perhaps most challenging of all is running the gamut of the tube everyday - a smellier hotter more crowded place I can't think of. I'm going to have to do a little shopping soon with some of my hard earned cash so a haul post will hopefully be along soon.

Anyway on to nicer things - the lovely Nelle from Lady Tells All gave me this cute little award
so before I start catching up on what everyone's up to I must pay it forward. Apologies if you've already received it, but here are some lovely ladies whose blogs I always enjoy reading
Miss Adorably Distracted


3 commentaires:

  1. thankyou hun! i already got one yesterday, but youre so so kind! and you know i love your blog too! xx

  2. Oh that's so sweet of you, I love the award logo, too cute :) xxx I really like your hauls so can't wait for that... And I'm going shopping next week, diet spending's coming to an end!