mercredi 3 juin 2009

This makes me sew happy

I've just finished making presents for my best friend's daughter whose birthday is coming up soon. Seeing as it's her 1st birthday I had to rely on her Ma for suggestions and she duly requested a pyjama case or a quilt for her doll.

I'm feeling smug as I've had time to make both! They've been half done for ages now, but I've been lacking a few essential things needed to finish them so I headed town to the huge John Lewis on Oxford St and then round the corner to MacCulloch & Wallis on Dering Street. Haberdashery Heaven, the pair of them. Though M&C is perhaps more charming - it reminds me of the shops I used to spend so much time in, in the garment district near our apartment in New York. Little bit run down but stuffed to the gills with everything you could possibly want.

So, finally we have one patchwork quilt for a doll's pram. Won't she be cosy with that keeping her warm?! I'm going to try and bribe Isla into naming the the doll named after me. Let's see how far I get!

and one giant envelope style pyjama case (lined, I promise - you just can't tell in this photo). I'm not thrilled with the way the colour combination turned out. Though it's pretty I feel I should have chosen a different fabric, but hey ho. It will hopefully do the job and I think it's quite pretty in its own way.

4 commentaires:

  1. these are beautiful!! well done you!! x

  2. They're absolutely gorgeous, I wish I'd been given something so unique for my first birthday! Well done! xxx

  3. beautiful, indeed! Aren't you talented!

  4. You made those! WOW!
    My best friend has three little boys and for their last birthday I decided to just give them money. I'm not cool.