lundi 15 juin 2009

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

After 2 weeks of using this every day, I am hoping it's safe to give it a review. First up big thanks to Gail for alerting me to how great it is!

First off, if you're interested I'd strongly recommend going to an Estee Lauder counter, asking them to colour match you and then asking for a sample to take home and try so you can be sure of the colour, and sure that your skin isn't going to react. It's something I used to be reluctant to do, but if you're going to spend £20+ on a foundation, then the least they can do it let you sample it first.

So - it's considerably thicker in consistency than previous foundations I've had, but then the coverage is of course more thorough. I know others have success using a 187 brush to apply this, but I haven't tried using mine yet as I've been happy using the 190 foundation brush. After applying I buff it in a little with a kabuki - it seems to just make sure there are no streaky bits and it generally 'softens the edges'.

The one thing I have found with this is that you need to make sure your skin's really well moisturised before applying. I found I had a few slightly dry patches I hadn't taken much notice of until I started using this, however E45 cream has worked miracles and everything works very well together now.

It gives a matte finish, and my skin really has never looked so perfect. I did find the first few days I was appallingly vain and kept examining myself in mirrors.

I'm also very happy to report that (touch wood) I've had no adverse reactions to this - no breakouts or anything else - and my skin really can be a little sensitive which is why I was reluctant to try MAC's Studio Fix as I'd heard of so many break out horror stories.

So, overall a big thumbs up from me for this. If you want a medium to full coverage foundation, definitely give this one some consideration.

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  1. I LOVE Double Wear but alas I just cant find the right match for my skin tone :(

  2. great review! I bought the "light" version of this for the summer and love it! I might try the regular version in the winter.

  3. You know - I feel like the shade I have is 99% perfect. When I put it on I always wonder if it IS right..then once it's settled it somehow evens out and looks right. I always feel like whatever brand you try doesn't have quite enough shades though - we're all so different!

  4. ha ha - I think 100% perfect coverage, colour, compatibility with our skin is perhaps a distant dream. This comes pretty damn close though at least!

  5. Great you managed to find your perfect foundation :) xxx

  6. Great review. I dont wear a lot of foundation but for when I do id love to try this.
    I swear by Maybelline Dream Liquid and Bobbi Brown skin foundation.. but this looks fab!

  7. I use this every day and have done for about 4years now. I just can't use anything else! I love the coverage and the fact it stays put all day. Great post! xx