mardi 26 mai 2009

Les fleurs

I was back home in the country this weekend at my folks' place - it's a time of year I really love as there's cow parsley all over the place. The banks along the lanes are thick with it.

If I was ever to get married I will have to do it in spring as there needs to be a LOT of cow parsley involved. No question.

I adore it. Along with peonies it has to be my favourite flower.

What's your favourite flower?

6 commentaires:

  1. i love daisies.
    they are simple but just simply beautiful.
    i really like the dyed ones that are bright colors, like pink, blue, and green.

  2. tulips. Always and forever tulips.

  3. ooooo! those are beautiful! your parents must live in such a beautiful place. i wish we had more "nature" here in long beach where i live!

    my favorite flowers are ranunculus and lilacs. they make me very very happy. :)

  4. oh those are SO beautiful! i've never really had a favourite flower, though lilies are up there for me, they're so lovely. and of course lilacs smell unbelievably good.