jeudi 11 juin 2009

Cocktail of the week

I feel my favourite cocktails are seasonal. I find classic gin martinis very winter-y (this isn't based on logic - just personal history) and I can't imagine a long hot summer without lots of mint juleps, but I'm always ready to try something new.

My cocktail of the moment - and I feel like it's a spring cocktail since the weather's still pretty spring like - is the Elderflower Martini. Yum.

There seems to be disagreement among all the recipes I found online as to the quantities, but the one that works for me is simple 1:1:1 - nice and easy to remember!

The cast:
Elderflower cordial, Tanqueray gin, dry vermouth and some lemon juice.

Put equal measures along with a squeeze of lemon and lots of ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake it baby, shake it and then.....
The Final Cut:

I like to top it up with a little tonic water - I'd prefer soda water but I'm all out.

Give it a go.

What's your favourite cocktail?

4 commentaires:

  1. I love a Cosmopolitan! Not very exciting but I love them :)

  2. Mmm, sounds yummy yummy... Me and fiance are sooo not into alcoholic beverages lately, I don't even know why... The only thing we have in the house is Canadian whiskey I bought when my parents came to visit :)

  3. Ready for this sad revelation...

    I don't drink.

    Thus no favorite cocktail. I do think they look pretty though.

  4. Daisy, you're right - there's a reason it's a classic!
    Rocaille & JPP - omit the booze and just have the elderflower with soda water. So delicious