mercredi 25 mars 2009

Shoes. Sigh.

Having a very hastily mixed Martini (all in the name of using up the last dribble of gin before moving day on Friday) before heading out to meet Mr C for date night. Sushi by the Thames - really, it's a lot more romantic than it sounds, I promise!

I am officially the worth packer in the world. I started on the shoe collection (or at least the portion that currently lives with me and isn't out at my parents' place). Trying to pack them descended into trying them all on..admiring them..and then lining them up on the stairs...and admiring them some more.. Here are two steps' worth where some of the ones dearest to my heart are standing.

Why did I never use stairs to store shoes until 2 days before moving out? I could have left a small gangway wide enough to creep past, and wouldn't they have looked cute?

5 commentaires:

  1. I want to say 'Just having some sushi next to the Thames tonight, nothing special." God that would be awesome!!!

    Love love love the first on the top from left to right! Great taste!

  2. Gorgeous shoes! Enjoy the sushi!

  3. CUTE shoes!!! I hope you had fun on your date night!!!!

  4. Packing always involves getting distractted and doing a million other things instead. Appreciating your shoes is IMPORTANT.