lundi 2 mars 2009

Let's hear it for The City

Perhaps this should be on my guilty pleasures list, but again I don't feel that guilty about the big love I have for The City. Whitney was always my favourite from The Hills, and I love that a) she has her own show now and that b) she's moved to the best city in the world (fact).

My boyfriend and I lived in New York last year and it was without doubt the best 6 months of my life. I never expected to fall in love with the city so whole-heartedly and so deeply but to my surrpise I did, and leaving was truly heartbreaking. So now - watching anything set in New York holds a special resonance for me. Anyway, I digress. I know there's a lot of speculation about how genuine these shows are - whether the jobs, friendships and relationships are real at all, or whether they're all set up by MTV and purely for the cameras, but I'm finding this all a little more realistic than The Hills. I have a proper adoring girlie crush on Whitney and her slightly offbeat beauty and style.

I love the way she does her makeup, which looks to be basically be flawless natural skin, lots of liquid eyeliner and mascara on upper lashes only and a slick of lipgloss and perfect blusher.

She manages to show those endless legs of hers without looking slutty and over-vamping it.

I love Erin who seems like a sharp girl...Olivia though..hmm.

Anybody else love The City as much as I do?

3 commentaires:

  1. YAY! I loved The Hills and now obsessed with The City however missing Justin Bobby :( I think it was the Harley. I am a week behind as I record it then watch it the following Sunday with my Jim Jams on :D Loving Erin to she is so sweet. Know what you mean about missing a city and watching things which remind you of it. Im the same with New Orleans :(

  2. I love whitney, shes so sweet. I'm glad they're still filming her. I have only seen one episode because i dont have sky. I need to catch up on me thinks. x

  3. p.s, Ive put the lipstick swatches up next to the lipsticks in my blog post. Hope you like :) x