vendredi 6 mars 2009

In and Out

It's Friday!

Vintage Handbags
- I can feel spring is coming..the days are getting longer!
- Getting excited about moving to a new flat
- My "new" MAC pigments
- Having sloe gin in the house once again
- Watching The City

Smelly Socks
- Why is it still so cold?
- Dealing with incompetent estate agents showing people round my flat
- Having to wait 3 weeks until we move into the new flat
- Organising a friend's hen do - why won't people do as they're told and pay up?!
- Law and Order UK. Don't do it. It doesn't work.

2 commentaires:

  1. You are so lucky finding those pigments! I agree with the way is it so cold :( In Cape Town where i come from and all my fam lives its like 40 degrees c today and its hailing here! how unfair...

  2. Getting ready to move can be exciting and at the same time work, lots of work. Good luck!