mercredi 4 mars 2009

Buried Treasure

Today I found some buried treasure. I'm moving flats in a few weeks time so have started some very gentle purging of 'things in general' to check if there's anything to be thrown away or taken to the charity shop.

The end of a long row of books on one of my bookshelves is propped up by an antique silver ice bucket (of course - what else would you use?) so I had a peek inside and what did I find - five little phials of MAC pigments! "Of course" I hear you say again - "where else would you keep your MAC pigments?"

I had totally forgotten than I owned these. They were a present from a very glamourous, gorgeous and well groomed friend years and years ago, in the days when I owned about 3 pieces of makeup and wouldn't have known what to do with them. I'm relieved to see I obviously recognised their importance even so, as I stashed them away safely. In an ice bucket.

So behold my mini pigments:

Aren't they cute? From left to right.. Golden Olive, Blue Brown, Tan, Absolute Gold and Hottest Pink (the last two are labelled as glitters and not pigments)

Swatching wasn't hugely successful as the lighting's a bit strange but here you go anyway:

L-R: Hottest Pink, Absolute Gold, Tan, Golden Olive and Blue Brown

I've always admired the various looks people have done in tutorials using pigments, but I don't know if there something I'd have bought so I'm tickled pink to have found some already in my possession!

Time for some experimentation I think.

What's your favourite pigment?

3 commentaires:

  1. Lucky you...These are lovely :).
    My MAC Pigs: Full-size Mutiny and a (generous :D) sample of Bell-Bottom Blue >:-). That's it XD. But I'm getting both Kitty pigments once they're out ^_^.

  2. I love finding things which are actually good. haha. I think a trip into my attic is due. :) x

  3. ahh i desperately want to try pigments but as a student (who has never used loose podwers before) £15 is steep!! im gutted they dont do samples!!