vendredi 13 mars 2009

Friday In and Out

Regular Friday duty

1. 2 weeks until moving date
2. My dark green metallic nails - very Sally Bowles
3. Hen party antics tomorrow, complete with cake bites!
4. Homemade banana pancakes
5. The smell of spring in the air
6. My MAC eyeshadow palette gradually filling up

Boo Hiss
1. Still more people tramping through the flat having a look at it
2. Being broke

That's all - the glass is very much half full!

4 commentaires:

  1. i can associate with number 2. on the boo hiss list. amen to that! xo

  2. omgosh, could do with some of those banana pancakes! Thanks for the award! :) xx

  3. Dark green metallic nails...Quite visionary in my opinion :). <3 ^_^.

  4. Good banana pancakes can be life changing!