lundi 29 mars 2010

Cheap treats

I braved Westfield at the weekend. Let's break it down...

The Good
- threading - I've been dying to get my eyebrows threaded for ages and finally got round to it. I am hugely impresssed - they've been subtly and beautifully reshaped. I'm a total convert. However, I need to find a non-mall place to get them done. My friend at work who's Indian fell about laughing when she I told her how much I paid.
- a few purchases..a little beauty, bit of clothing and some jewellery.

The Bad
- the crowds...oh my goodness the crowds. I think though if you can be in and out by early afternoon you'll miss the worst of it as it seems to peak 3pm-ish
- queues - why don't shops build more changing rooms? They don't need to be big.. I'm happy to try something on in a cupboard if it has a mirror - I don't need to swing a cat but seriously - I just don't have the patience to queue
- Inglot sales staff (some). Some are lovely but there's a guy in there who stalked me and my friend round the entire shop, even after we politely said we didn't want any help

I bought this ring (which Mr C hates, but which I adore)

Cheesy I know, but oh how I love it.

Also, some of the ubiquitous grey nail polish

Hmm. Not sure about this trend. Perhaps beige/taupe is better. That said, while watching Sophie Dahl's cookery programme I've been loving her simple french manicure. It's been an age since I got out my bottle of Chanel is it? Anyway, a nice pale nude pink one.

Photos of my rather lovely but vile smelling Inglot lipstick coming soon, I promise.

Also - review of Revolutionary Road (the book, not the film) also coming soon.

6 commentaires:

  1. I think that nail varnish looks lovely!
    Though i suppose you have to see it with the whole ensemble to truly determine that! xx

  2. haha!
    the inglot stalker doesnt seem to have been there when i went. i was impressed by how uninvasive the 3 ladies working there at the time were.

    the ring is cute. ive almost bought it loads of times because whilst i love it, a part of me is ashamed of myself for loving it :)

    looking forward to the revolutionary road review (ive always wanted to read it) and inglot lippie review (in that order) :) x

  3. @S+S buy the ring too - you know you want to! The ladies in Inglot are lovely aren't they.

    @Tabitha - I think the nails just need some getting used to perhaps...or perhaps I'm just getting to be an old fart!

  4. You've got such beautiful hands, it seems only fitting to give them some well-deserved love with that ring!! I loved the "I don't need to swing a cat", cracked me up! Also though it was funny that you mentioned Sophie Dahl's programme, I watched it today for the first time, and while the recipes are nothing special (though nice and lovely), I'm quite taken with her! xx

  5. eyebrow picture please! preferably a before and after shot :P x