vendredi 5 mars 2010

My first primer

Some weeks back I bought the GOSH primer. I'd browsed reviews on MUA, of which it has a huge number so I know this has a lot of fans. I love the idea of something that will make your makeup 'better' and longer lasting.

Here it is:

I gotta say - I really hated it. On their website GOSH say that this will create a "uniform, matte and unique, silky soft surface". One of the promises it makes is that "your foundation will never again look dry or patchy".

Unfortunately dry and patchy was exactly what I got. For starters I just hate the feeling of it - that weird liquid/powder touch - I suppose this is what's necessary to fill in all those pores and lines and provide the smooth base for makeup.

But as I said, the major gripe I have with this was that it seemed to actively dry my skin out. I moisturised first - but soon as I applied this is accentuated any dry patches. Really disappointing as this wasn't that cheap.

So, it's going on MUA to swap.

Any other primers you can recommend that you've loved?

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  1. I swear by Makeupforever high defination primer and it comes in different shades to correct ur skin tone, making u look refreshed. love it