jeudi 11 mars 2010

Review: Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick - Latino

I went into my nearest Superdrug, armed with a list of makeup that I wanted to pick up, and as is so often the case, not a single thing on the list was stocked - grrrr!

So, I picked up this lipstick instead. I've heard good things recently about Rimmel lipsticks but never actually tried one.

Latino is a quite a bright blue-toned pink

The scent is very familiar - I can't think what it reminds me of - lipsyl perhaps? It's nice though. The consistency is creamy and it seems to last pretty well.

It's a touch brighter than I'd hoped, probably because my lips are so pigmented naturally, but I like it. And - I think I'll be back to try more from Rimmel.

Do you have any Rimmel lipstick favourites?

4 commentaires:

  1. This is pretty. I never pay much attention to the Rimmel stand... I think I was a bit Rimmeled out in my teens. I think I wore Heather Shimmer almost everyday throughout highschool!!


  2. Oh how I wish I could wear lipstick without looking like a clown.

  3. @LA - I was a long time before I bothered looking at Rimmel with any interest.

    @6roove - thank you!

    @mia - it's just about getting the right shade - let me reassure you, I look distinctly clownlike too if I get it wrong!