jeudi 25 mars 2010

Cream blush and BooHoo

So a little while back I picked up a cream blush on a whim while browsing Space NK. There was just something so delicious about the NARS ones that it was clearly the perfect time to give it a whirl as I've never tried one before

Do you have a preference with cream vs powder blush? I've been using the NARS multiples a fair bit recently so have become a little more accustomed to using something non-powder but it does take some getting used to. I think I kind of like it!

NARS Penny Lane

The colour looks vastly different in these two photos, and I'd say the reality is somewhere in between - kind of a dirty taupe-y peach-y pink

I've blended the swatch out a little to try and show this

Payday is looming at last thankfully so I dipped my toes in the waters of a new internet shop this week - BooHoo . It's very similar to ASOS - lots of cheap and cheerful clothes, accessories and footwear. Just like ASOS a lot of their clothes have a catwalk video which is so helpful to get a real impression of the item of clothing. So I bought some jeggings (urgh, how I hate that name) and this vest top

I love the studding all over it and it fits beautifully -the back even has a little detail

I love it. I definitely suggest checking out the site if you want a few affordable fashionable things to perk up your wardrobe!

8 commentaires:

  1. I love boohoo! i buy almost everything on there now :)

  2. Love that top! Gorgeous!

    I tend to favour powder blush but creams get a lot more love in the summer. And layering the two works well if your blush has a habit of sliding of your face!


  3. Love that top. NARS Penny Lane is a lovely colour too.

  4. Ooh that top is verrry nice!
    I love rebecca minkoff! I really want one of the pouches, arent they gorgeous??
    and for the opi, im looking at;


    I really want to get jade is the new black!
    just waiting for paypal to verify my bank account, i'll let you know how the shipping is etc when i order xx

  5. @Superficialgirl - I can't believe I've only just discovered it!

    @Grace - it's a really pretty shade isn't it - and not like anything else I already have

    @LA - I shall be sure to check for slippage now you've warned me!

  6. @Tabitha - thanks v much for that! If you can possibly get your mitts on anything RM next time you're in the States you won't be sorry - I think the quality is amazing. I love my bag as though it was my firstborn! (I hasten to add..I have no real children yet!)

  7. The blush looks beautiful - Nars powder blushes have amazing staying power!

  8. I like your top a lot, great to wear with skinnies or leggings :)