dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Sunday afternoon chores

Spent the afternoon doing the unenviable task of sorting through all my clothes and shoes deciding what to keep, what to charity shop and what to bin. Dull but essential, and it seems a good time of year to get the job out of the way.

Obviously this job can't be done without something interesting on TV - so I had a retro moment with one of my favourites....who remembers St Elmo's Fire?

I can't tell you how much I was in love with Rob Lowe when I first saw this film. Has he aged at all?

Anyone else love the brat pack films?

6 commentaires:

  1. Does the fact that I'm answering this question mean that I'm OLD??? Rob Lowe was and is sooo sexy (despite his little sex scandal)! One of my favourite movies of those years was in fact Oxford Blues, but I also loved all the Molly Ringwald ones...is that sad?? Uff, I'm dreading sorting through my clothes and getting rid of stuff, but it's something that I really should do sometime this week too! Well done to you! xx

  2. Shhhh no, you're (or should I say we're) not old Anna!

    Oh Molly Ringwald - loved her too. I think Pretty In Pink was the first brat pack film I ever saw in fact.

  3. I love brat pack. St Elmo's is in my top trilogy, with Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink!

  4. I love the Brat pack. I've always had a thing for Andrew McCarthy and even now, that man's smile makes my knees go weak.