mercredi 28 octobre 2009

ubi ibi libris....

Reading this great post from the wonderful Amanda made me think how much I'm enjoying the book I'm currently reading - to the point of letting my friends go off to lunch without me so I can spend a blissful solitary lunchtime reading instead of being sociable. I've read quite a few of Paul Auster's books, and loved them and now it turns out I love his wife's writing too, or certainly this book...

It's What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt

I wish I was clever enough to write a review that would enthrall you, and tell you how much I love it and make you want to read it too. Instead I'll quote from the Guardian's review:

"Siri Hustvedt has written a novel of ideas, in which she tackles questions of how much of what we perceive is personal, how much shared, how much is fixed for all time and how much is liable to shift."

To be honest, I'm loathe to read to the end of the review in case it reveals the ending.

It's set in the 70s and onwards and is the story of an art writer, his family, his friendship with an artist and his family, and how things change over the course of time. I love the snapshots of a New York from another time and I just love the way she writes - she has just such a beautiful, spot on way of phrasing things.

Give it a go.

p.s. the title of this post...I studied classics, and my dad is a classics teacher - and this quote is close to my heart - "ubi ibi libris, ibi libertas" where there are books, there is freedom. Great words.

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  1. An inspiring post. I was only thinking today that I haven't read anything in ages, nothing at all since I finished studying last month and no fiction in months and months. I may well pick something up tomorrow thanks to this post! Love the quote as well... that is the reason I spend almost an hour reading to the children every evening!

  2. There's nothing more lovely than being read to - I still enjoy it even now - that's great that you take the time to do that every day, I bet your children love it!

  3. Just like loveaudreay I'm having a bit of difficulty reading something other than Thomas The Tank Engine at the moment! I do have books on my bedside table (right now an Irish Murdoch and an Italian book), but it just seems to take me ages to get through them :(( But I will definitely check this book out! Oh, and I studied classics too! What Uni did you go to (if I'm not too indiscreet!) xx

  4. I have to say recently I've been swayed to the magazines' side, my godmother recommended one to me and my mum and it's a great read on the go, which is exactly what I need right now. Thanks for sharing! xxx

  5. I LOVE Paul Auster, but never read his wife's work... I will now! Thanks xx

  6. Ladies, I finished the book today, and it did not disappoint. Time for me to check out her back catalogue..