samedi 24 octobre 2009

More Inglot treats

We ploughed our way through the crowds at a heaving Westfield today so I could go coat shopping. The effort was worth it, and I now have a lovely new winter jacket -and a purple one at that!

I made a quick stop at Inglot to pick up a couple more eyeshadows. They're a wonderful alternative to MAC - cheaper at £11 for 3 eyeshadows and as far as I can tell so far the pigmentation is almost if not as good as MAC. And they fit into the Pro palettes.

From left to right we have:
a matte neutral shade (390)
a pearl finish pink-y mauve (445) (a little like MAC's Trax crossed with Satellite Dreams?)
a pearl finish deep red-ish purple 452 (similarish to MAC's Cranberry?)

swatched without any primer:

Love them! What do you reckon?

A trip to Westfield is complete without a) a trip to Inglot and b) a cupcake from Buttercup (I ate it far too fast for a photo!)

6 commentaires:

  1. I love the colors you chose, I'll have to take a closer look at those myself! beauiful :) xxx

  2. i really want inglot nw!!! =( will havta go westfield soon =)hehe
    lovely colors!

  3. You're back in the home of Inglot again aren't you Rocaille!
    Shifa, you must - it's a great shop, and lots of helpful staff there too

  4. Those two purplish colours are stunning!! I see you love purple as much as I do :-)...oh, and I remember you got a soap from S.Maria Novella, will review some of their stuff soon...isn't their "pharmacy" gorgeous???? xx

  5. Oooooh, a purple coat! Sounds gorgeous! Lovely eye-shadows too. xxx

  6. Anna - it's amazing. I couldn't get over how beautiful the one in Florence is. I still need to go and check out the branch in London some time soon - I feel it could be a good place to find some Christmas pressies.

    LA - Purple feels very bold among all the black, charcoal and navy coats on the streets of London, but hopefully I'll soon get used to it, as it is a lovely colour.