vendredi 23 octobre 2009

5 Loves, 5 Hates


1. My Diptyque John Galliano candle. One of my birthday presents - it reminds me of home as my folks always have one on the go. It smells of incense and wood and is a lovely cosy winter-y smell.

2. What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt. It's been on my reading list for years now, and I stumbled across a copy in my local charity shop last week - joy! I'm so engrossed.

3. Corn on the cob. I never ate corn actually on the cob until we lived in NYC and I bought some at one of the street fairs that seem to spring up every month. And, wow, how much do I love it. I could eat it every day.

4. ELF Studio Warm Bronzer. Thankfully it turns out I'm not dangerously allergic to this and I love it. Great product at a great price.

5. Tunnocks Tea Cakes. These are THE BOMB


1. Capers - urgh. Root of all evil. It almost creeps me out too much to post a picture

2. 2True Plumptuous Lip Gloss. Yes, granted it's cheap lip gloss to probably not the finest quality, but it reminded me of why I HATE lip gloss and stopped wearing it. Sickly smell and too sticky. Yuck.

3. Temping....I've been at the same company 6 months now - hopefully soon to be made permanent but until then it's temp wage, no holiday allowance.

....Do you know what? It's a good week - I'm stopping at 3!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh no, capers, I LOVE capers, had them for dinner, hope it doesn't freak you out to have me comment about them! I suppose my love for them stems from being Italian...Right now I'd love to try one of those Tea Cakes, though, with a proper cuppa (that's the English bit in me coming through!). Love your blog, I've been a silent reader for a while and I always enjoy reading your simple but poignant posts! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Oooohhhh! You've made me want tea cakes now!! My daughter and I tend to favour fondant fancies but I'm going to try and sway her later!! One of my faveourite recipes (from Delia's Summer cookbook) contains capers but under any other circumstances I'm with you in the hatred!!

    Great list!

  3. Oh you ladies are scaring me with your caper love! But I'll forgive you. Anna, you must get your hands on some tea cakes - or, as loveAudrey says - some french fondant fancies, also delicious!

  4. Hmm, I don't think any of the cakes you're talking about are available here, plus, I'm sure Polish people would be considered absolute ignorants in tea drinking by the Brits, since we drink our tea... with lemon!!! ;) xxx