vendredi 6 février 2009

Warm Glow

I've been on a mission for a while to fnd a blush that suits me and that doesn't make me look like a ruddy-faced farmer (no offence to the farming community). Whenever I buy anything (makeup in particular) I tend to do obssessive research beforehand, so for makeup this means time spent on MUA and Specktra both of which are amazingly helpful for gathering opinions, reading reviews, seeing swatches and asking for advice.

I want a blush that's the right shade for my NC20 complexion, and with a touch of shimmer, but not glitter, and something that's generally going to give me a warm glow look.

I went int MAC with a firm shortlist - Blushbaby, Soft+Gentle or Dainty, and of course came out with something completely different - the Redhead MSF from Brunette, Blonde Redhead:

The blurb from the MAC website says: "Limited-edition Mineralize Skinfinish specially created for the Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection. Each offers a colourwave of four shimmering shades in a range of light to dark. Use all over the face to create a low/sheer luminous finish or apply in tones of light and/or dark to highlight, contour or add dimension to eyes, cheeks or brows" and it's a slightly wince-inducing £18.60 is gorgeous. I like the stripes of different colour giving you some options, but mixed together they create a beautiful shade. Applied right on my cheeks, they give a kind of warm glow - as thought you're lit from within is how I saw someone describe the look. There's a subtle sheen, which helps give some definition to your cheekbones and the overall effect is gorgeous.

The stripes swatched individually vertically with the horizontal one across the top being a general sweep over all the colours. They range from bronzey gold to peachy pink, or as MAC would say "gold to salmon pink degradé":

I really love this, and as long as I can recreate the way the sales assistant applied it, I will be a very happy bunny.

3 commentaires:

  1. This looks gorgeous, I was going to skip the MSF's but I'm not so sure now x

  2. I have this too, it really is lovely. x

  3. I am NW20 and i found this to be the perfect MSF. Every shade compliments. Glad you like it as much as i do. :) x