vendredi 6 février 2009

In and Out

I love these in and out lists that everyone's doing. Seems like very Friday thing to do. Edible theme today

Cupcakes and Macaroons:
- Gossip Girl
- Oats So Simple when there isn't time for proper porridge
- Rediscovering long lost lipsticks lipsticks
- Homemade hats
- Miami Ink

Mayo and Mustard:
- Feeling cold all the time
- Mobile phone bills
- The pub of fools downstairs making a racket till the small hours every night
- The cost of train tickets
- My latest MUA swap still not arriving

5 commentaires:

  1. I'm with you on the cupcakes and oats so simple x

  2. I just want to say I LOVE YOUR MUSIC PLAYLIST it's wicked. Where can I find that french song? XX

  3. Thanks Gail - I think I have quite random mixed music tastes! The song is by Benjamin Biolay from an album called Rose Kennedy - lots of other good stuff on the album too.

  4. Thanks I will check it out, it sounds so much like Mr Hudson and the library (Ben Hudson) if you remember/ know all that. Yes quite a mix, but all very calming and uplifting, I love love love it and I'm going to be a regular visitor, even were it not for new posts haha!

    PS. I also have a MUA swap that hasn't arrived, SO ANGRY!! It was someone I trusted, who only had 1 token, so my fault... but yeah looks like classic 'swaplift' to me -- damn!! Def always on the 'Out' list.

  5. I love Miami Ink! In fact all the Ink programs, it makes me start obsessing over getting a tattoo done!
    Now I want a cupcake . . .