vendredi 27 février 2009

2True makeup

Since I'm on a major economy drive at the moment I'm continuing my experimentation with cheaper 'drugstore' makeup. Today we hit rock bottom on the super-cheapo scale with 2True - and I mean that in terms of cost, not quality.

I believe this is only sold in Superdrug, and is crazily cheap - most things in the range seem to be under £2 and there seems to be an ongoing 3 products for £5 special offer going on. I bought an Effortless Eyeliner, some Glossywear Nail Polish in no.9 and an eyeshadow Dazzler (sound familiar?) in no.3:

I haven't tried the nail polish yet, but on closer inspection I have a feeling it's not going to be quite what I wanted - it looks very glittery and sparkly and I want a more 'fingertips clad in shiny metal' effect, but we'll see.

I haven't been getting on well with my fluidline lately - probably due to my cheap brush not being up to the job. Hele helpfully recommended the idea MAC brush I need, but I'm going to see if I can make any headway with a cheaper liquid eyeliner and if so might swap my fluidline on MUA. So far, so good with this one - though why is it one eye is always better than another. Practice, practice!

The Dazzler is of course a pigment/dazzle dust wannabe, and for one pound something I wasn't expecting an awful lot, but I'm pleasantly surprised with this. The colour is areally pretty grey-ish mauve and it suits my dark brown eyes. I think the colour intensity isn't probably as strong as other brands, but still, I like it and it does a good job.

Excuse the shaky line - I'm not doing the eyeliner justice at all, it's just what happens when you have to draw it with your wrong hand (which also happens to be the 'camera hand')!

Has anybody else given these cheap delights a test run?

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  1. I actually like the color of the shimmer stuff!

    Thanks for all the comments and advice! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels the way I do! I'm jealous about something right now, but, I'm holding back from making a big deal bc in my head... i know it's not! I loved the book and would highly suggest reading it!

    Can't wait to see your guilty pleasures!

  2. I love their eyeliner. SUCH a bargain...and i'm even wearing it right now. :) x