lundi 23 février 2009 know it?

On Sunday I was on my way to the MAC store in Westfield having decided finally to buy an 'expensive pink' eyeshadow, which has been on my wishlist for ages. My route took my past a shop called Inglot which I hadn't noticed before. It looked sleek, full of beautiful colour and most importantly, relatively empty of people. So I stepped in to find out more.

Googling them now I can't find an much information about them online at all apart from an Australian website for them). The SA said they're a Polish brand who've been around for many years but have only come over to the UK relatively recently. There seemed to be a very generous selection of colours for everything, plus they sell brushes, cases etc.

They do a 'freedom system' of palettes - you buy a palette (there are various sizes) and pick and mix the colours to go in, much like you would with a MAC pro palette. The small round pans fit into my MAC palette, but don't stick yet, so I'll try sticking magnets on them and see if that works. It seems you have to buy a palette when you buy the pans, but prices are very reasonable £11 for 3 eyeshadows, £15 for 5.

I found a pretty good 'expensive pink' dupe, plus a highlight colour and a beautiful irridescent purple which seems to be similar to 'satellite dreams'. The pigmentation on these seems to be good at first try, (dare I say as good as MAC) and if this proves to be the case, I'll be back to stockup on more as I'm loving the price.

Have you tried any Inglot products?

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  1. I popped in last time I was at Westfield....I was so impressed with all the lipsticks and nail polishes, but ended up just buying a big makeup case, which is great.

  2. Do they sell the palettes alone? would it fit my MAC e/s? I like the fact the palettes have a mirror in...
    I still haven't been to westfirld, can you believe x must go there...

  3. I didn't have enough time to check out the "kit" in there Hele - return trip definitely required.

    Gail - not sure if they sell them empty -they seem reluctant to sell the pans on their own certainly..I think the palette is magnestised (and the pans aren't) - so opposite of MAC I think. You MUST go to Westfield!

  4. Thanks! We have one here in Malta but i have never bothered going in. Now i am def going to stop by there!! :)