mercredi 11 février 2009

Quick and easy tote bag

Yesterday I went to a Hobbycraft store, which is pretty much heaven on earth for me. I find it impossible to leave without scanning every shelf of every aisle and came away with a groaning shopping bag full of delights. I've been looking for a while for bamboo handles so I can make a little tote bag. There's a wonderful simple tutorial here on Little Birdie Secrets and I've been saving some Amy Butler fabric to make it. In the spirit of the recession, I plumped for wood effect handles in the end which were a fraction of the price of the beautiful bamboo effect ones.

And here is the end result - it won't carry an awful lot as the fabric's lighter than I should have used (upholstery fabric next time as instructed) but I feel sure it'll get a bit of use nonetheless.

Have you had success making tote bags?

1 commentaire:

  1. I could spend hours in Hobbycraft too. The bag is lovely, I wish I could make things like this as I have so many beautiful fabrics that I should put to good use!