vendredi 15 mai 2009

Review - So sleek

I've read various people raving about the Sleek palettes, so decided it was time I jumped on board the bandwagon. And at £4.87 a pop you really should give them a whirl if you haven't already.

My local Superdrug had 3 options - Original, Storm and Chaos. I bought Storm

All are shimmery unless stated otherwise
Top row, left to right: taupe, white-gold, matte taupe, gold, light golden-pink, gold-burgundy

(apologies for the shoddy photo quality of this one)

Bottom row, left to right: rich brown, dark aqua, v. dark green-black, dark petrol blue, matte dark brown, matte black

I can see myself using pretty much all of these, and some of them an awful lot. My only disappointment is the burgundy colour top right which was the main reason I bought this but it's the only one where you have to work a little to get strong colour.

I love the palette - it's simple and stylish and it has a huge mirror - they've packed a lot into a smallish space and it's still handbag sized. The little applicator that comes with it isn't great, but you could keep it in case of emergency when you have nothing else to hand.

Definitely swing by Superdrug and give these a go.

4 commentaires:

  1. Gorgeous colors, I love the ones in the top row, for example this golden pink... Great palette!

  2. i have this one, i like it alot, although the shimmer does get a bit much, i love the mirror in it though! I'd love to see any looks you create with it. xo

  3. You know, after a few days of playing with this palette I am in agreement with you - marginally less shimmer would be good. I'll see if I'm brave enough to post pics of myself..!

  4. hey! thanks for the conment on the lipstick its amazing and at £4.16 from superdrug you cant lose!!

    follow me?
    im trying to get a few more readers! xx