vendredi 15 mai 2009

My 'hood

Thougts on my (still newish) neighbourhood:

- I wish we lived in a friendlier building. I know this is London, and of course we don't like to speak to our neighbours more than we have to, but really. On moving in day I bumped into a girl who lives in the building. She wasn't best pleased I said hello and then was clearly horrified when I actually introduced myself and she had to reciprocate. Today I met a 'crazy professor' type character who lives on the very top floor. Mad white hair, little beard, too short cordruoy trousers and glasses round the neck on a cord. He also wasn't thrilled when I tried to be friendly and engage him in conversation. In my ideal world we'd live in 28 Barbary Lane in the Tales of the City books, and our neighbours would become dear friends.

- We have a wonderful charity shop just a street away. I worried the area might be a bit posh for it, but I love sifting through all the homewares, books (only £1!) and they even sWeell cheap balls of wool. Obviously a local dominatrix/stripper is having a clear out at the moment, as the window display was sporting several pairs of thigh high, lucite heeled PVC boots and a PVC dress. Unfortunately I just spent all my money on make up and porridge oats!

- There's a library under a minute's walk from our flat. Soon as I move somewhere new I have to sniff out and join the nearest local library. I still find it amazing that I can borrow all these books for free! Libraries are wonderful. And long may they be around.

- We're only a couple of minutes walk from the river. Admittedly the Thames is no Seine, but I still love being near a river when you're in a city and walks along it are great in any weather.

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  1. I totally know what you mean by 'friendlier' neighbours! In our previous building, no one ever said 'hello' or even looked at you; fortunately the one we're living in right now is much butter and some people are very nice. Maybe you'll meet someone nicer in yours too! :) xxx

  2. Lol...Can't believe they accept PVC stuff. But I guess you never know what some people may need.

  3. I love reading about London, Florence, etc... Places I dream of going!!! Glad I came across you

  4. awww I would say hi to you if I lived in your neighborhood.

    A few neighbors that we actually talk to were standing out front the other day, and we got to talking about how people looked so shocked when you wave or if you say hi...

    I don't get it! Smiles are contagious though! So Keep smiling!

  5. what a sweet post. You can invite me round for tea any day, haha sounds lovely! xx