lundi 24 mai 2010

Nails Inc - what a pleasant surprise

I've been incommunicado on the blog front so I'm sure this freebie has been done to death but I felt it was worth a mention.

The prospect of a long train ride home + the promise of a freebie saw me picking up a magazine on Friday. Something I never do these days. Anyway, as you'll know In Style is giving away one of 3 shades of Nails Inc nail polish at the moment.

I picked up Mink

Très Chanel Particulière, non?

So I tried to take a photo on my way home
..with the Eye in the background....but as you can see without much success. So here's another more successful one:

I thought I'd hate it as much as the grey one, but I actually love it. It's strangely flattering on my skintone, which is a surprise as I thought it'd be one for the tanned ladies only.

I'm also impressed with the formulation - just thick enough and it's lasting very well chip-wise. Nails Inc are onto a good wheeze with this (and the Coke give away they did recently) as it's a brand I would never have considered buying before - probably if I'm honest because I think the packing is so naff and cheap looking - but now I'm definitely going ot investigate the range further.

Do you have any Nails Inc favourites?

4 commentaires:

  1. it looks lovely on you, i might have to try it too! xx

  2. Give it a whirl - I'm very impressed!

  3. I love this nail polish color! I'm going to try to find it here in the states!