lundi 31 mai 2010

Bank holidays rock

In the style of one of my very favourite bloggers, loveaudrey I feel a lovely bank holiday weekend is best summed up in list form:

- cooking polenta for the first time. And not the last!
- strolling through Green Park - still lovely even amid the gathering storm clouds (and feeling smug for missing the rain!)
- sweet smelling freshly ironed bed sheets
- making peanut butter swirl chocolate brownies (courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa - someone I fell in culinary love with while living in the US)
- spending time with one of my oldest, best friends and her family - this includes 3 gorgeous children. Broody? Who, moi?
- too many G+Ts
- hoovering, washing, tidying - worth the hard work to finish the weekend with a lovely tidy home
- having three lie-ins. What a treat.
- dancing like an idiot on friday night and then..
- ...having my saturday hungover somewhat softened by being brought breakfast and a trashy newspaper in bed (Mr C really is a diamond)
- booking a trip to Paris for my birthday. How has it been 2 years since I last went to Paris!

6 commentaires:

  1. Such high praise my lovely! You are one of my favourite bloggers too!!

    First, Peanut Butter brownies sound amazing. Second, awwwww go on, have a baby!! Third, I'm terribly jealous of your trip to Paris. Bring me back a macaroon?! Sil Vous Plait??


  2. I am loving watching my friends children grow up and change and it does make me start to think. Perhaps in the not *too* distant future...
    Do you ♥ Laduree too? Oh Miss LA, I would love to bring you a macaron!

  3. Au soleil ou sous la pluie, a midi ou a minuit... Err, what was I saying? Paris is the best for birthdays (not that I had any of my birthdays in Paris, but well). Have lots of fun and share it with us afterwards! xxx

  4. your list made me smile. have an amazing time in not remotely envious *hides green face* x

  5. Gosh - that really sounds like a heaven bank hols weekend. And like me, I'm not fond of house work but it's oh so satisfying when its tiday #moodeve sitting next to a full clothes dryer itching to fold up the clothes when dry# : D