lundi 24 mai 2010

Clarins Everlasting foundation - HG?

So bumbling round the duty free on my way to Lisbon I was browsing foundations. For some reason I find the staff in airport makeup counters are incredibly snooty and unfriendly but the girl at the Clarins counter was a sweetheart. And so I ended up buying something - their Everlasting Foundation (SPF 15)

My initial thoughts about this:
1. I can't believe they have a shade that matches my pale skintone
2. This smells lovely!

I'm now a good few weeks into useage and feel reasonably comfortable with saying that I truly love this foundation.

Things I like:
- I have shade 103 - Ivory and as you can see it blends into my skin really well.

- It gives quite full coverage, which I like, but it does depend a little on your method of application.

- It has a strong fragrance -very similar to Bulgari's eponymous perfume, which incidentally I have, and like - but this might put some people off.

- Price - I believe it was around the £20ish mark which I think is fine for a foundation if it's a good one

- ..and finally its name! Silly I know, but 'Everlasting' - very fairytale!

The only slightly critical thing I have to say is concerning one of its big selling points - the supposed everlasting-ness of it. I find unless I finish it with powder, I do end up a little shiny faced in the afternoon, but perhaps that's just my skin. Otherwise, a big smiley thumbs up from me

3 commentaires:

  1. This sounds really good! I'm trying to ease myself into using liquid foundation at the moment, but I should probably start with tinted moisturizer, most of liquid foundations I have feel so heavy on the skin! xxx

  2. Two things...

    1. This sounds lovely

    2. Yay, you're back. Have missed your lovely posts!


  3. Rocaille - you should ask them for a tester and give it a go. I don't find it feels too heavy (but perhaps I'm just used to it..)

    LA - thank you my dear!