mardi 12 janvier 2010

Craft delights

So when I'm home alone I basically hook myself up to the internet and wallow in all my favourite websites while my eyes become ever squarer and squarer. With nobody about at the moment to scream 'Bedtime!' at a certain hour I just lose track. I could read till dawn if I wasn't careful. What a geek.

Anyway - I found myself on Chrisine's wonderful blog Jane Avion the other night. Lots of wonderful ideas for things to make very helpfully explained with instructions and diagrams. I urge you to go take a look for yourself.

So, the sunday papers were lying around, waiting to be recycled so I thought I'd have a bash at making the recycled paper basket.

1. Required...

2. In progress...

3. Ta-daaaaaaa!

Mine's a little flimsy, as I made it with newspapers and not something sturdier, but it makes a very good catch-all area and our dining table is looking a lot tidier now all the odds and ends that were previous scattered about are sitting in this.

So, when I need to find say a pair of mittens, a small makeup bag, hand cream, sock rings, a necklace, hairbands or an unopened pack of dusters then I know where to come!

Incidentally, this is the third pack of dusters I've bought in as many months. Whenever I see them they seem like a good idea. The fact I haven't so far used any speaks volumes to my idleness!

5 commentaires:

  1. wow! im impressed! that looks lovely! xx

  2. Looks very nice and I'm sure will come in handy in any home... xxx

  3. oh good job!! to make it a bit sturdier, if you want - cut a piece of cardboard that fits in the bottom, then wrap it in the newspaper in the same woven fashion, then just glue it in the bottom, snug as a bug

  4. trop bien fait!