jeudi 21 janvier 2010

5 things making me smile right now

Radio 4
It would be a gross exaggeration to say I simply couldn't exist without Radio 4, but I'd be less well informed, more boring and I'd miss it dreadfully. For any US readers, Radio 4 is a radio station with purely spoken word programmes - from art and culture to current affairs to drama and comedy. And, I'd be lost without The Archers, its daily rural soap that's be running for 60 years! My ipod is never without a ton of radio 4 downloads.

William Eggleston
I went to see an Ansel Adams exhibition in the Hayward years ago, and included in the entry fee was a smaller exhibition - William Eggleston. Though I loved Adams work, Eggleston's photos grabbed me the second I walked in and wouldn't let go. I ended up spending far longer than I intended and when I was about to leave couldn't resist touring the whole lot one more time.

He has a way of photographing the ordinary and somehow creating an atmosphere. I have a couple of books of his work. The wonderful thing is he's still working even now and has a show on in London at the moment, details here. I'm really bad at putting it into words, but here are some of my favourites:

I hope I'm allowed to post these - all images copyright of course, from

Are you in awe?

Uncle Ben's microwave-able rice
This stuff is wonderful - I take some steamed vegetables and tofu into work, then at lunch microwave some of this, combine and ta-daa delicious and reasonably healthy and cheap lunch! Uncle Ben - thank you for feeding me these past 2 weeks

Chanel Coco
My Ma has worn this scent forever, and I've always loved it, but always thought it was too 'grown-up' for me. She very kindly gave me the dregs of her current bottle and I tried it and fell deeply in love.

It doesn't seem to ever be discounted anywhere though, surpise surprise, so I'll have to cough up full price some at some point.

Laphroaig single malt (quarter cask)
Again - I feel like I'm a *proper* grown up now I like scotch, and boy do I like this scotch. Seriously..nice heavy glass, couple of ice cubes and a decent measure of this and I'm in heaven. Smokey, spicey, delicious!

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  1. This post has provided a much needed reason to smile. Thank you xxx

  2. Loved these photographs, as you said, definitely create a certain atmosphere. xxx

  3. may check that gallery, thanks!! xx