mercredi 23 décembre 2009

Travelling home and some Christmas In & Outs

I switched on the TV this moring to be told gleefully by the presenters that today will be the busiest day for travelling and will bring nightmare conditions (weather and over-crowding) to all those heading home for the holidays.

Pah, you miserable lot!

I'm heading back home in a couple of hours - suitcase is full to bursting and I'm sure I've forgotten something. I can't wait to see my family - especially at the moment, we're all looking forward to being together. I'm looking forward to being by the fire, cat on my lap, glass of port in my hard. Bliss.

Hope you all have a safe journey home for Christmas if you have any distance to travel.

A few roars and raves (both beauty and otherwise) to finish the year...

1) MSF Natural - this is truly a revalation as it really does smooth the appearance of my skin
2) My new job - a friend recommended the most wonderful temping agency. They're small, delightlfully bonkers and most importantly found my some great assignments including the one I've been doing for six months that has just turned into a 'real' permanent job. I'm so grateful to have a job at all in this climate, let alone one I really like.
3) Presents - I'm feeling quite smug about all the presents I've bought this year - there truly is more pleasure in giving them then receiving them when you know you've bought something that someone will love.
4) The weather - thank you, thank you for all this sunny cold weather. Beats the hell out of the grey skies and rain we have so much of the year here.
5) London - as I blogged before, I am really loving London at the moment. It rocks.

1) Public transport - expensive, crowded...please all cross your fingers that my train home gets there and that it has space for me. Or even - dare I hope - a seat..
2) Retrospeck eyeshadow - I had such high hopes for you, but you've disappointed me deeply
3) So much rubbish on TV. The Christmas schedule seems to be full of cartoons and rubbish - where are the old classics?

That's all folks. Tell me yours


2 commentaires:

  1. Merry Christmas, Ondine! Enjoy your hols with your loved ones, a big big hug, xx

  2. I was gutted that they weren't showing "It's a Wonderful Life" on Xmas Eve - again! I swear, this is the only country it never gets shown in at Christmas! Hope you had a good one!