vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Festive Tag!

My little haul post is coming but taking a while as I haven't been able to take photos in daylight since I've come home.

So in the meantime, a fun, vaguely festive survey I found on Look Ma No Patterns! (a lovely craft blog I enjoy reading).

Anyone reading - I tag you!

Favourite colour:
Green, silver and gold

Yes. I need to prune though.

Favourite Christmas song?

Christmas Tree - real or fake?
It's got to be real. I LOVE the smell of them too

Hottest Celebrity?
I still have such a soft spot for Mr Big (or should that be Detective Mike Logan)

....and should I confess to a secret crush on 'George Costanza'?

Favourite Restaurant?

I'm going to be pretentious and say a New York one - Marseille on 9th. We had all our special meals there when we were living round the corner. It's beautiful, dimly lit and the food is gorgeous.

Favourite magazine?
Vanity Fair. This was the first issue I bought (I can't think why the cover caught my eye) and I've subscribed ever since. I love it - I read it from cover to cover. And I've saved every copy. I couldn't possibly admit to going through a weird phase where I catalogued the articles..

Favourite holiday drink?
Mulled wine or sloe gin - glass of either one by the fire back home at my folks' place is perfection

Favourite Christmas movie?
No question, White Christmas. Family tradition to watch this on Christmas Eve

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