lundi 21 décembre 2009

A little MAC..

I can't make head nor tail of the MAC foundation numbering system and their 'warm' vs 'cold' colouring etc.

I went through a phase years back when I wore their Select Tint in NW20...I felt this was a little orange and switched on a MUA's advice to NC20 which seemed to even out my skin tone a lot better. But, it didn't offer enough coverage and I switched to something else (a YSL one I think,but that's another story).

Then when in the store the other weekend buying something else I got talking to a MUA about needing some new foundation and she sized me up, and gave me two Studio Fix (fluid) samples NW20 and NW15. It turned out the NW20 was waaay to dark and NW15 seems to be spot on! What's with that? I don't know whether my skin colour is changing or whether there's discrepancies between the types of foundation and the colours...has anyone else found this? Anyway, my super sensitive skin seems to be happy with the Studio Fix - I'm hoping a good week's trial is enough time to see if it's going to freak out and break out and so far so good.

I also bought a Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium while I was there which has exceeded all my expectations. Studio Fix + MSF Natural = pretty damn near perfection. The MSF evens out my skin and gives it a really beautiful finish despite. I love it.

For anyone not familiar with it, the MSFs are described by MAC as providing low coverage, and a "dimensional yet natural-matte finish". And it does exactly that.

I also bought Retrospeck which I've ogled online for a while, but I'm rather disappointed by it. You work hard for very little colour pay-off. I think perhaps I'm too pale for it to do very much on my skin, but it's a major disappointment. If I could return it, I would.

It actually looks ok on my fingertip but on my eyes it's next to invisible.

Anyone else been disappointed by an eyeshadow recently?

3 commentaires:

  1. Retrospeck is crappy isn't it. I might look into the msf natural though. SFF broke me out, so good luck with that....


  2. Oh Gail - you've got me worried... I do know though that it didn't take long for my skin to scream when I tried Revlon Colorstay so I'm hoping I've given it enough of a chance with the SFF..

  3. Retrospeck had been on my (very long) hit list, so I'm pleased to have read your thoughts on it - nothing worse than invisible eyeshadows... NARS Night Star was like that on me.