vendredi 31 juillet 2009

Some recent disappointments

A quick rundown on a few things I've bought recently. I'm sorry to say, most of these have disappointed me, but perhaps you've found differently?

Group (fuzzy) shot:
Barry M Natural Dazzle, GOSH velvet touch eyeliner in black ink, MAC Eccentricity quad and Bourjois blush in Rose d'Or.

So, one by one

Well, I read the raves, I loved the swatches and so I went out and bought the famous Natural Dazzle. I don't know I've just got a bad one but it's incredibly hard to get any colour from this. I have to literally scrub it with a fingertip to get any colour, so as for managing to load anything onto a brush - fugeddaboutit! At a tenner I'm reluctant to shell out for another on the off chance I just got a bad one... had anyone else had this problem?

The Bourjois blush
So, Rose d'Or - golden pink - sounds perfect right? But again, it's very hard to get any colour from this and oh, the smell of it is disgusting - kind of powdering and make up that's been festering somewhere for far too long.

Colour Craft Eccentricity
Pretty colours - I really love this selection a lot. And I love getting four colours so much more use to me than a single and not much more expensive. But - the glitter fallout on these is really tiresome. With I'd been more diligent with my research and hadn't bought this in such a hurry.

As for the GOSH eyeliner - I love it. Despite it's waterproof claims, it doesn't stay on my waterline for very long at all, but then I can't imagine anything would. Otherwise, big thumbs up.

Anybody else hate (or love?) these products?

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  1. Oh that's too bad about the Dazzledust - I love it myself.

    As for the Colourcraft shadow, it is pretty but I didn't buy it for the reason you stated -- fallout!

    I guess we win some and lose some!!

  2. I have other blusher from Bourjois in a hot pink color, and it's probably more than 10 years old now (I inherited it from my mum). I remember that it used to have a nice color pay-off, but right now, it's really hard to get anything on the brush at all. That said, I personally quite like the smell... xxx

  3. @Michelle - so I must have a dud Dazzle Dust do you reckon? Do you have any problems getting colour from it?

    @Rocaille - I think it's probably one of those love-hate smells! I wish it 'worked' on me

  4. I have the Natural Dazzle compact and I get loads of colour from mine. I have to be careful how much I get on the brush! You may have a faulty one? :)

  5. I did a review of the GOSH eyeliners, I personally really like them. The velvet touch doesn't work very well on the waterline, but underneath the lash line it actually stays quite well. As a general rule with eyeliners, I find that dry on wet, or wet on dry works, so because the velvet touch eyeliners are quite creamy, it won't stay on your waterline very well. The "twist me up" liners work a lot better for the waterline, as they're much drier in consistency, they're by GOSH too, just not as many pretty colours to choose from!

    I used to love Bourjois blushers, but like you say it's hard to get any product from it! Have you used the brush that came with it? I'm usually reluctant to because I prefer my own brushes, but the little brush they provide manages to get the colour off well. xXx

  6. I was really disappointed with the Colour Craft eyeshadows as well, some of Mac's previous mineralize eye shadows are my very favourites, so pigmented but I'm not happy with the Colourcraft ones at all. I also wanted to try the Barry M Natural Dazzle, but I already have Dallas and Laguna so I'm trying to convince myself I don't need it as I'm already happy with these products x